ARMAN (17.11.1928-22.10.2005)

(Armand Pierre Fernandez)

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Born in Nice (FR)
ARMAN him self starts the introduction: "The human being depicts her self, shows her time, her anxiety, her screams, her tears and her laughter."
One form of Arman's expression are the cut up or sawn apart objects, that are then assembled together in new ways. Most know and famous are his divided string instruments. The instruments are often made in life size. In its content and form we can perceive greetings back in time to Picasso and Braque. However Arman has taken a step further and casts his works in bronze. At first he deconstructs the object and deprives them their meaning as a playable instrument, he starts a process of decay. But by casting the object in bronze he ceases the process. What is left is a sculpture of music.
Arman–Armand Pierre Fernadez was born in Nice 1928. His father an antique shop owner, something that would live an imprint in his relation to objects. After studies in mathematics and philosophy, Arman continued at an art school, but decided to end his studies due to conservatism within the management. He has also studied archeology and oriental arts.
Arman started to paint seriously in the end of the 40-ies. During the 50-ies he developed his abstract painting in the sprit of its time. But it was as a sculptor that Arman achieved his great artistic brake through. The path to that went trough a from of print where he used regular office rubber stamps. Inspiration was taken from Dada-artist Kurt Schwitters. The stamping technique evolved to become imprint of different objects dipped in paint.
Parallel with his artistic work, Arman developed his skills in judo. His interest for judo brought him together with Yves Klein, a friendship that became significantly important for both of them. Together they carried out several happenings during the 50-ies and came to be two of the for ground figures within the French neo realism, the European counterpart to pop art.
In 1960 Arman had his famous exhibition "Full" at Galerie Iris Clert in Paris. He filled the gallery with trash and garbage. This exhibition should be seen in the light of Yves Kleins exhibition two years earlier, where emptiness was displayed. Two days after Arman's vernissage, the neo realist manifesto was signed in Paris.
During the last years of the 50-ies and the first years of the 60-ies Arman developed different forms of expression, that he consciously continued to investigate. The Accumulations are perhaps the most known. These accumulations are collections of identical or similar objects taken from every day life. The multiple objects are collected in boxes and welded together into heaps or piles.
The sculptures could consist of practical things like tools, pliers or iron boards. They often give an impression of musical repetition. The relation to Marcel Duchamps readymades is clear.
The trash and garbage sculptures that Arman came to cast into transparent poly-chrystal was conserved household waste. These objects of art can resemble great flat ice cubes that have conserved remnants of our civilization.
Arman has also cut up copies of antique bronze sculptures into small slices. These sliced up statues take on a fantastic sense of movement that brings the thought to Giacomo Ballas tripping dog.
Incineration is yet another form of expression where parts of an object like a cupboard, chairs or books are consciously burned up. Big parts of the objects are burned away. These objects are greatly reduced, but one can still perceive the original shape and function. As with the cut up objects Arman takes a further step and cast them into bronze
By multiplying, deconstructing, destroying and transforming object from our everyday life, Arman questions our civilization. In this play with our recognition he makes us stop and look.



Died in New York, NY (US)
Public exhibitions 58
until 15.2.2007
des sculpteurs à l’épreuve de l’estampe au XXe siècle
LAAC - Lieu dArt et Action Contemporaine de Dunkerque, Dunkerque
until 28.1.2007
Was ist Plastik? 100 Jahre - 100 Köpfe- Das Jahrhundert moderner Skulptur
Stiftung Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum • Center of International Sculpture, Duisburg
until 14.1.2007
busy going crazy
La Maison Rouge, Paris



Die Gesichter hinter den Bilden
The Columns, Gangnam-gu
Arman - Subida al cielo
Bilder - Objekte - Skulpturen / Kunst aus dem 20. Jahrhundert
Galerie Neher GmbH & Co. KG, Essen
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Stiftung Museum Kunst Palast, Duesseldorf
New York City 06
Galerie Ariel Sibony, Paris
Miotte/Arman/Duerte/Villarino/Moro - paper & sculpture
Galería Dolores de Sierra, Madrid
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Arman - No Comment
Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois, Paris
Exposition de groupe
Galerie Laurent Strouk, Paris
Kleinformate - 200 Werke
Daniel Blaise Thorens Fine Art Gallery AG, Basel
Hommage à Arman
Galerie Anne Lettrée, Paris
he Artful Teapot - 20th–Century Expressions from the Kamm Collection
Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA
Crowd of the Person
Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
Auktion 21
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van Gogh bis Beuys
Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepubilk Deutschland, Bonn
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Porträt ohne Antlitz
Kunsthalle zu Kiel der Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel
Porträt ohne Anlitz - Abstrakte Strategien in der
Kunsthalle zu Kiel der Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel
La sculpture des années 50-70
Galerie Marion Meyer, Paris
Modern Means: Continuity and Change in Art from 1880 to the Present
Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
POP CARS. Amerika – Europa
Stiftung Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum • Center of International Sculpture, Duisburg
Arman, Di Rosa, B. Quentin, Luo Xu-Chen, Lin Yang
Galerie Anne Lettrée, Paris
cremers haufen. alltag, prozesse, handlungen: kunst der 60er jahre und heute
Westfälisches Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Münster, Münster
Atelier A
Jousse Entreprise, Paris
Frankreich - Bilder, Zeichnungen, Druckgrafiken, Skulpturen und Fotografien
Galerie Ariadne - Thomas Netusil Kunsthandel, Vienna
The Pontus Hultén Collection...
Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Roma, London, Paris
Galleria Il Ponte, Florence
Geschenkte Kunst
Ludwig Museum im Deutschherrenhaus, Koblenz
Arman, Caspar Abt, Hans Hartung & Le Corbusier
Daniel Blaise Thorens Fine Art Gallery AG, Basel
Art Forum Ute Barth, Zurich
Group Show
Daniel Blaise Thorens Fine Art Gallery AG, Basel
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran
Exposition de groupe
Galerie Anne Lettrée, Paris
Tools as Art - The Hechinger Collection
DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA
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Galerie Lelia Mordoch, Paris
Football through Art
Gallery Hyundai, Seoul
Iconoclash - Jenseits der Bilderkriege in Wissenschaft, Religion und Kunst
ZKM | Museum für Neue Kunst & Medienmuseum, Karlsruhe
One Man show de Arman
Galerie Anne Lettrée, Paris
Arman - New Work
Galerie Anne Lettrée, Paris
Arman - Arbeiten auf Papier
Städtische Galerie Villa Zanders, Bergisch Gladbach
ARMAN, passage à lacte
LEVY, Hamburg
Arman - Werke auf Papier
Ludwig Museum im Deutschherrenhaus, Koblenz
Aller Anfang ist MERZ - Von Kurt Schwitters bis heute
Sprengel Museum Hannover, Hannover
Arman - Racine carrée de fragments
Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris
» art of the sixties «
Das fünfte Element - Geld oder Kunst
Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Duesseldorf
Galleria Morone, Milano
Affinités Électives - Peinture Européenne En Dialogue
Casino Luxembourg - Forum dart contemporain, Luxembourg



Public collections 27
Musée d´Art Moderne Bruxelles, Brussels
S.M.A.K. - Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Gent
Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, British Columbia
Nordjyllands Kunstmuseum, Aalborg
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk
Museet for Samtidskunst, Roskilde
Musée d'art moderne de Céret, Céret
LAAC - Lieu d'Art et Action Contemporaine de Dunkerque, Dunkerque
MAC - galeries contemporaines des Musées de Marseille, Marseille
Carré d´art - Musée d´art contemporain de Nîmes, Nîmes
Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain, Paris
Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris - MAM/ARC, Paris
Musée d'Art moderne de Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne
les Abattoirs de Toulouse, Toulouse
Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg
Sprengel Museum Hannover, Hannover
Kunsthalle zu Kiel der Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel
Ludwig Museum im Deutschherrenhaus, Koblenz
Städtische Kunsthalle Mannheim, Mannheim
Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach
Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz
Demenga Galleries, Basel
United Kingdom
Tate Britain, London (England)
Tate Modern, London (England)
The Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, MI

November 17
Armand Pierre Fernandez born in Nice to Antonio Francisco Fernandez and Marie Marguerite Jacquet Fernandez.
His father, from North Africa, owns an Antique shop.


Attends the Cours Poisat School for Girls because his father does not want to separate him from his best friend, Micheline, a girl.
Remains in the school until 1940.


Plays chess for the first time, devotes himself to improving his skill by studying books on the game.
This passionate dedication to a subject is to characterize him throughout his life.


Learns oil painting from his father, a Sunday painter.


Enters the Lycée de Nice; is expelled three months later.
Attends boarding schools in Grasse and Vence before returning to the Lycée de Nice.


Receives Baccalaureate in Philosophy and Mathematics from the Academy of France and attends Cours de Vienne.
Enters the Ecole National d'Art Décoratif de Nice. Leaves in 1949 in protest against the social conservatism of the school administration.
Develops interest in collecting antiques, in particular Chinese Porcelain while buying at auction for local dealers.


Meets Yves Klein and Claude Pascal at a judo school in Nice.
This year and in 1948 the three friends hitchhike through Europe.
In admiration of Vincent Van Gogh, who signed only his first name on his paintings, they decide to give up their surnames.
Until 1953 the three are strongly involved, spiritually and intellectually, with Zen Buddhism, Rosicrucianism, Gurdjieff, and Astrology.


Moves to Paris his first major trip to the city to study Archaeology and Oriental art at
the École du Louvre in order to become an auctioneer. Begins painting in a Surrealist style.


Leaves the Ecole du Louvre and goes to Madrid with Yves Klein to teach at the Bushido-Kai Judo school.
Klein leaves for Japan at the end of the year, returning to France in 1953.


Serves in the Medical corps of the French marines during the Indochina War.


Returns to Nice. Influenced by the Russian immigrant painter Serge Poliakoff and Nicolas de Stael, begins working abstractly.
Collaborates with Klein on happenings.
Marries Eliane Radigue (separated 1967; divorce 1971). They have three children, Françoise, Anne and Yves.
Continues to collect antiques and decorative objects. Develops interest in African art after viewing an exhibition in Paris.


Sees Kurt Schwitters exhibition at Galerie Berggruen in Paris. Begins experimenting with rubber stamps.
Sees his first Pollock paintings at Studio Fachetti in Paris.


Creates the firstCachets. Works in Nice, scuba fishing and selling furniture, cars and appliances.


First solo exhibition of Cachets and paintings held at the Galerie du Haut-Pavé, Paris.


Travels to Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan with friend researcher and Dominican Priest Pere Steve, who is studying
proto- Sumerian cuneiform languages with the French archaeological mission. Galerie La Roue, Paris.


The printer of the catalogue for a group show at Galerie Iris Clert, Paris, omits the "d" from his name.
At first outraged by the error, he decides he prefers to be known as Arman. Creates the first
Allures d'Objets.


Makes his first sculptures: destruction, Poubelles, Accumulations.
First solo exhibition held in Italy at the Galerie Apollonaire, Milan.


Galerie Smella, Dusseldorf.
October 25
Fills Galerie Iris Clert with garbage, creating Le Plein ("Full Up").
October 27
Signs a manifesto with artists of the Nouveau Realisme and Critic/Art Historian Pierre Restany.
Meets Larry Rivers, Robert Rauschenberg, and Jasper Johns in Paris. Has his first lessons in English from Rauschenberg.


Galerie Swartz, Milan.
Makes first
July 13
Smashes furniture at Abbaye de Roseland, Nice, creating Colère de Meubles Henri II. Accumulates objects in polyester.
Makes first visit to New York and is included in his first museum group exhibition, The Art of Assemblage at the Museum of Modern Art.
Simultaneously his first solo exhibition in the United States opens at Cordier- Warren Gallery, New York.
Lives for several months at the Chelsea Hotel, as he will continue to do for a part of each year until 1968.
Meets Marcel Duchamp at a dinner given by artist and collector William Copley.


Galerie Saqqarah, Gstaad.
Galerie Aujourd'hui, Brussels.
Galerie Lawrence, Paris.
Purchases a torch and begins to weld objects together in his
Yves Klein dies in Paris.
Arman travels to New York and Los Angeles for a group exhibition of French and American artists
entitled The New Realists at the Sidney Janis Gallery and a solo exhibition at the Dwan Gallery, Los Angeles, California.


Sidney Janis Gallery, New York.
Galerie Schmella, Dusseldorf.
Galerie Lawrence, Paris.
Galerie Swartz, Milan.
Galerie Ad Libitum, Anvers.


First solo museum exhibition opens at the Walker Hill Art Center, Minneapolis, and the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.
Begins to create new work by placing
burned objects in plastic after his visit to Amsterdam.


Created Artist Key Club "locker lottery" in New York at Grand Central Station.
Richard Feigen Gallery, Chicago.
Galerie Bonnier, Lausanne.
Galerie LAwrence, Paris.
Galerie Michel Couturier, Paris.


Makes first accumulations of paint tubes embedded in polyester.
Galerie Bonn ier, Lausanne.
Galerie Saqqarah, Gstaad.
Galerie Svensk-Franska, Stockholm

Retrospective held at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels.


Begins an "art-industry" collaboration with Renault, the French automobile manufacturer, which continues through the 1980's.
Represents France at Expo '67 in Montreal.
Galerie Ileana Sonnabend, Paris.
Galerie Françoise Meyer, Brussels.
Musée des Ponchettes, Nice.
Teaches two semesters of painting (fall 1967, spring 1968) at the University of California at Los Angeles through the Spring of 1968.


Exhibits at the XXXIV Venice Biennale and Documenta in Kassel, Germany. Meets Corice Canton in the south of France;
they marry on July 13, 1971, they have two children Yasmine Valentine and Philippe Alexandre.
Galerie Sydney Janis, New York.


Galerie Bonnier, Geneva.
Galerie Svensk-Franska, Stockholm
Galerie Ileana Sonnadend, Paris.
Galerie Mathias Fels, Paris.
Traveling exhibition of Renault Accumulations opens at the Stedelijk Museum and tours throughout Europe.
Lives in a small house on Church Street in lower Manhattan when he is in the United States.


Moves to a loft in SoHo and continues to commute between Europe and the United States. Accumulates objects in concrete.
Exhibits at the French Pavillion, World's Fair, Osaka, Japan. Also uses raw garbage and organic materials for sculptures in plastic.
Accumulates refuse from the studios of artist friends for a series of sculptures in Plexiglas boxes.


Studies, with his wife, the martial art Kung Fu, Wu Su. Decorated as Chevalier de l'Ordre du Mérite by the President of the Republic of France.


January 31
Becomes a U.S. citizen. Changes his name to Armand Pierre Arman.
A retrospective of his works opens at Andrew Crispo Gallery, New York.


His first museum retrospective in the United States, Selected Works 1958-74,
is held at the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, California, and tours throughout the United States,
ending with a show at the Albright-Knox Museum in Buffalo, New York.
New dissected musical instruments embedded in concrete exhibited in Concrete Lyrics, Andrew Crispo Gallery, New York.


A major exhibition,
Objets Armes 1971-1974, is held at Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.
April 5
Conscious Vandalism, a happening stages at John Gibson Gallery, New York.
Plays GO with Japanese master Isamu Haruyama in Vence, France.
Travels to Egypt.


Retrospective of prints held at Galerie de la Salle, St. Paul-de Vence, France.
Creates an environment at the XXXIX Venice Biennale. Continues to practice Kung Fu.


Isamu Haruyama visits New York. Arman works at a new studio on Canal Street, in lower Manhattan.
Retrospective of his works is held at the Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita State University, Kansas.


Solo exhibition of new sculptures at Andrew Crispo -
Hard and Soft.
Solo exhibition at Galerie Beaubourg, Paris. Also exhibits at Veraneman Foundation in Gand, Belgium.


Travels extensively in China, where he visits ancient archaeological sites and artistic centers.
Travels to Moscow. Has exhibited at Andre Emmerich Gallery in New York.


April - May
Creates freestanding sculptures of accumulated tools while working in Nagoya, Japan and exhibits them at the Galerie Valeur in Nagoya.
Retrospective of his works is held at the Centre d'Art et Culture in Flaine, France.


Gives up GO and spends less time on his African Art Collection.
Creates wall relief sculptures made out of tools and utensils.


European retrospective Parade of Objects held at Kunstmuseum, Hanover, Germany which tours throughout Europe
and to the Tel Aviv Museum in Israel.
Summer fall
Completes monumental sculpture Long Term Parking, Le Montcel
(now Foundation Cartier pour l'Art Contemporain) at Jouy-en-Josas, France.


Cast bronze string orchestra pieces exhibit at Marisa del Re Gallery, New York.
Through the rest of the year makes large wall relief sculptures and smaller standing sculptures with accumulations
of second-hand brass instruments and bronze cast instrument parts.


Receives commission from the President of France for a bronze accumulation of flags,
A La Republique, for the Elysee Palace, Paris.
Travels to Belgium, Switzerland and France. In Paris, decorated as Commandeur des Arts et Lettres by the Minister of Culture.
Attends opening of his exhibition at the Christian Fayt Gallery, Knokke-Le-Zoute, Belgium.
Solo exhibition held at the Spoleto Festival, U.S.A, Gibbes Art Gallery, Charleston, South Carolina.
Solo exhibition held, Tools and Instruments at the Center for the Fine Arts, Miami, Florida.
Exhibits at the Museo d'Arte Moderna in Parma, Italy. Has retrospective at the Museo Civico di Belle Arte in Lugano, Switzerland.


Travels to Japan and in April to Korea for retrospective exhibitions at the Seibu Museum of Art, Tokyo, and Walker Hill Art Center, Seoul.
Moves from SoHo to TriBeCa in lower Manhattan.
Music Power, a monumental sculpture made with bronze cast bass fiddles, is installed at the Acropolis, Nice, France.
Two bronze sculptures are unveiled at the Gare St. Lazarre, Paris. September
Participates in C.I.M.A. exhibition in Venice. Rostropovich's Tower, a monumental sculpture of sliced cello forms in bronze,
is exhibited outside Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City.
Decorated Paris Opera for L'Heure Espagnole. Designs Champagne Bottle for Taittinger.


Travels to Zurich for retrospective of his work.
Works on his Slices of Liberty project that celebrates the monument's upcoming centennial.
Leaves New York in March for solo exhibition in Japan.
He returns to New York and later attends retrospective in Wichita, Kansas.
One man show in Nice, France, at the Galerie Beaubourg at the Nice Art Fair.
He completes a 30 foot bronze sculpture consisting of flags 4th of July for a private collection in Connecticut.
Designs clothing with French Designer Courreges. Begins new series of Paint Brush works.
Installs sculpture outside of Tilles Hall, Long Island University - Being Beauteous.
Commissioned for design projects for Fragonard Perfume, Louis Vuitton, Porthault and Piaget.
Exhibits Gods and Goddesses in Paris, New York and Toronto.


Illustrates and writes text for a children's book which is published early winter.
Completes four major public sculpture commissions in the Spring of 1987.
Cavalleria Eroica completed for Le Jardin de Monte Carlo.
Also in March he completes a large scale sculpture for the Phoenix Tower in Houston, Texas, entitled Cavalcade.
Completes two public sculptures commissions in Dallas, Texas (Persepolis) and Memphis, Tenessess.
Arman's Ascent of the Blues, for the Morgan Keegan Tower in Memphis, is a tribute to American Blues music.
Participates in Art against AIDS group show.
Early Summer
Leaves for Germany to build a work for Kassel University during Documenta show.
Participates in The International Art Show for the End of World Hunger.
Shows new Paint Brush Paintings at Galerie Beaubourg, Paris. Also in Winter of 1987,
Arman designs set and costumes for his original conception for the Paris Opera: Désordres Lyriques.
Receives French Legion of Honor award for outstanding achievement.
A new 400 page book is published on ARMAN with written text by the art critic Bernard LaMarche Vadel and published by
Editions de La Différence, France.
Begins compiling information and documentation for the publication of the first volume of his Catalog Raisonné
scheduled for publication in Autumn of 1989.
Creates a sculpture entitled Hommage à Picasso or Venus à la Guitare for the Arman/Picasso exhibition
at the L'Orangeraie in Geneva, Switzerland, which was later developed as a series of works called "trans sculptures".
He begins his Monochrome Painting project commissioned by A.H. Grafik, Sweden.


Install a paint brush environment at the Musée d'Art Contemporain de Nimes.
Exhibits paint brush paintings at the Marisa del Re Gallery, New York City.
Completes installation of a large scale sculpture in Atlanta, Georgia titled Dyonosis Revealed for the Portman Company.
Travels to China to participate in the Marco Polo, Save the Great Wall of China project,
creates a work in front of an audience entitled Beijing Quartet #1.
Work is placed in auction conducted by Sotheby's.
Creates a large scale sculpture titled Venus des Arts for installation in Paris for the Saint Germanine Committee.
Creates trophies for three different competitions: Guttenburg Book Award,
Sailing Award for Loïc Caradec / Atlantic Crossing by Sail, and Equestrian Competition held in Zurich, Switzerland.
Creates designs in "Small Art Objects" made of precious wood and gold with the renowned jeweller Yves Piaget.
Makes a fountain, approximately 9 feet high consisting of an accumulation of boat propellers in bronze.
Creates a trophy for the Grand Prix International du Document de Creation et du Prix Jeune Télévision,
the festival of International Télévision (URTI), Monte Carlo.


Completes a sculpture commissioned by the Cartier Foundation titled Solex lci et Là.
February 14: his first son, Yves Antonio Carlos, born September18th 1954, dies in a car accident in Saragossa, Spain.
Travels to Korea and Japan for the openings of his one-man exhibitions.
Completes a large scale sculpture entitled Millions of Miles in Chönan, South Korea.
It is 65.5 feet (20 meters) high, created out of welded rear truck axles and is the tallest of Arman's large scale sculptures to date.
Group exhibition is scheduled during April through July, titled Corps / Figures, la Figuration Humaine dans la Sculpture du XXéme Siècle
at Artcurial in Paris, France.
Starts and completes a project which began in 1987 consisting of Monochrome Paintings, to be exhibited in different museums internationally.
Travels to Venice, Alexander, and Athens on a Mediterranean Sea cruise with other contemporary artists,
art critics, gallery representatives on the MTS Odysseus.
Completes a public sculpture entitled Universalities of Wisdom, San Francisco.
Participates in the Monte Carlo Sculpture Bienale.
Creates a new series of painting called Shooting Colors, to be exhibited in galleries internationally.
Birth of his third son, named Yves
Receives the medal of the Legion d'Honneur from the President of France, Mr. François Mitterand.
New works on canvas to be exhibited in Paris.
Prepares a project for "Mixografia" (a patented printing process), Los Angeles, California.
large scale sculpture is scheduled to be installed in the Spring of 1990 in Osaka, Japan.
Another public sculpture is scheduled to be installed at a new hotel in South Korea.


Travels to the Far East for large scale sculpture projects.
Participates in ARCO Contemporain Exposition, Spain.
Monochrome Accumulation which catalogs all paintings made for this project, with a foreword by Donald Kuspit, published by A.H. Grafik, Sweden.
Completes a large scale sculpture commissioned by BMW, titled Rêve de Calandres.
Travels to Sweden to work on a new project, entitled Puristic Monochromes in collaboration with A.H. Grafik.
Begins a new serious of paintings called Hidden Objects / Under the Skin.
Designs jewelry for Movado, in collaboration with North American Watch, part of sales from jewelries will be donated
to the The Learning Through Art Guggehiem Museum Children's Program, New York.
Finds a casting process on bronze which gives the effect of an object
that had been aged under salt water for thousands of years, titled series Atlantis.
Musée du Dessin et de l'Estampe de Gravelines, France introduces
Arman Estampes Catalogue Raisonné (by Jane Otmezguine and Marc Moreau, published by Marvel, Paris),
documents his prints and etchings from the 1950s to the present.
Arman cancels his Retrospective Exhibit for the opening of the Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain de Nice
scheduled for June 21, 1990 after anti- Semitic remarks made by Mr. Jacques Médecin, Mayor of Nice.


A Catalogue Raisonné documenting Arman's works from 1960 to 1962 is published.
Creates an edition of serigraph to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Confederates States.
Travels to Venezuela for his opening at Galleria Freites.
Travels to Italy for an opening, exhibition of his new paintings, Brush Strokes at Fondazione Mudima and at B.& S. Gallery.
Works on a commissioned series of portraits of great composers to be exhibited in Japan.
Designs a crown for the event "Love Ball", a benefit for AIDS research sponsored by DIFFA.
Designs a poster for the festival celebrating the anniversary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Salzburg, Austria.
Works on new paintings, bicycle on canvas.
Participates and travels to the first Lyon Biennale d'Art Contemporain, exhibits new works:
The Chariot and Philemon and Baucis from a new series of sculptures in bronze entitled Atlantis.
The French Consulate commemorates his 30 years in New York. Designs the Symphony of Love jewelry for Movado.
The Atlantis sculpture series is exhibited the first time in the United States at Marisa del Re Gallery, New York.
Also, a retrospective exhibition of works from 1954 to 1991 opens at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, USA.
Exhibition will travel to The Brooklyn Museum and The Detroit Institute of Arts.
Lecture by the artist will accompany each opening of the Retrospective Exhibition.
Travels to Rome. Begins to work on the New Accumulations series of sculptures.


Creates an edition of lithograph for the Olympic Continental project, Barcelona, Spain.
Retrospective exhibition opens at The Brooklyn Museum.
Continues to work on the new series of New Accumulations, first exhibited at the Sonnabend Gallery (in collaboration with Marisa del Re Gallery).
Travels to Martinique, a large scale sculpture entitled Larmes de Fonte to be installed.
Solo exhibition of new works begins in Rome and travels throughout Italy.
Retrospective exhibition continues onto the Detroit Institute of Arts.
Designs a trophy, Le Trophée des Arts, commissioned by the French Institute / Alliance Francaise, New York,
to be awarded to a French or an American artist for his or her exceptional contribution to French-American relations.
Participates in the International Biennial on Art, Poetry and Ecology, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Creates a plate design for Franklin Mint.
Lectures at Sotheby's, Geneva, Switzerland. In October, a large scale sculpture, entitled Les Gourmandes is installed at Roânne, France.
A special edition of lithograph and plate are created to commemorate this installation.


Designs a fan in Plexiglas, titled Intermission for the New York Philharmonic.
Participates in the contemporary art program at Conferences Nimes, France.
The series, New Accumulations was exhibited at the new Galerie Beaubourg, Vence, France.
In addition, is promoted to the grade of Officier dans l'Ordre National du Mérite.
Mouan-Sartoux conference. Publishes new book of selected works from the 1957 to 1993; essay by Pierre Cabanne.
Begins to work on the Van Gogh Starry Night series of painting.


Receives the medal of "Grand Officier Des Arts et Des Lettres".
Traveled to Bologna, Italy to continue working on a series of accumulations of objects in ceramic
in collaboration with the Gallerie d'Arte Maggiore, Bologna, to be exhibited in the fall of 1994.
Designs the exterior design of a Venturi LM race car whichwas raced in the 24 Heures du Mans auto race in June.
Travels to Lebanon, Beirut to begin work on project for a monumental sculpture.
Arman participates in the Festival International D'Art Lyrique et de Musique D'Aix-en-Provence,
creating the festival's poster and brochure cover designs.
Suffers a heart attack in N.Y. and undergoes open heart surgery.
Creates a large scale sculpture to be installed at the Broward Performing Art Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Continues work on the Van Gogh: Starry Night series which is exhibited at the Marisa Del Re Gallery in New York,
and also at the Chateau Notre Dame des Fleurs in Vence, France during December, 1994.
Begins work on a new series of sculptures which incorporate a series of household items or machinery parts with sliced, bronze, classical sculptures.
Worked on several design projects including a "suite" for the Hotel Lutetia, Paris, A golf trophy. Created a Poster for Nîmes, France.
Begins work on a series of new sculptures scheduled for exhibition at l'espace Fortant De France à Sète scheduled for summer of 1995.
Various meetings with Daniel Abadie for a selection of works for a travelling retrospective of his works scheduled for 1996.


Continues work on the "Starry Night" series throughout the year; these paintings are shown at the Reflex Gallery in Amsterdam,
and later in the year at Ace Contemporary Exhibitions in Los Angeles, California.
Completes series of accumulations of different national currencies in polyester female torsos;
this group of work is titled "Money Queens" and is also shown at the Reflex Gallery.
The Renault Accumulations are exhibited at Galerie George Philippe Vallois in Paris.
Creates new "Transculptures" which are inspired by Paul Valery.
They are shown at L'Espace Fortant de France in Sète, France, in July.
Continues work on a new series of sculptures consisting of objects with related functions contained in metal and wooden boxes,
such as coffee pots with coffee grinders, shirts on a coat rack with irons, and sawed wood with hand saws.
Begins work on new bronze sculptures which are sliced and reattached with hinges.
Because they allow for viewer participation with the sculpture, they are titled "
Also begins a series titled "
Hidden Treasures"; this is a conceptual work which involves the creation
of a sculpture in a sequence of actions that are each documented by a photograph.
Continues traveling to Beirut to work on the monumental sculpture, "
Hope For Peace",
which weighs 4000 tons and consists of military tanks and armored vehicles embedded in a ten-story,
100 feet high pyramid-like structure of cement; it is unveiled with ceremony on August 2nd, 1995.


Travels to Mexico city for the exhibit of the Van Gogh: Starry Night series of paintings.
Creates a new large scale sculpture Captain Nemo, an accumulation of perfume stills in copper for the group exhibition in Paris
Les Champs de La Sculpture schedule for opening on April 11, 1996.
Makes new series of Transculptures, works with classical sculpture and everyday objects( eg. telephones).
Develops a new technique with classical sculptures with paint brushes attatched directly to the sculptures in France.
Prepares for a lecture series at La Sorbonne scheduled for April.
Working on plans for a monumental sculpture of train cars to be constructed in Chile.
Exhibits Interactives at the Basel Art Fair with Daniel Blaise Thorens.
Arman is one of the main contributors of the exhibition Arts Plastiques to be held at the Musee d'Art Contemporain de Nice in the month of June.
Selects objects from his extensive collection of African Art to be exhibited in Marseille in June.
Scheduled to travel to other venues thereafter.
Exhibits new works Interactives at the Sidney Janis Gallery in March.
Also has two exhibitions in Kopellhamn.Sweden; Oeuvres 1986-1996, Ny Carlsberg Glytopek and "Oeuvres' Recent, Gallerihuset.
Has solo exhibition at Guy Pieters Gallery in Knokke-Zoute, Belgium entitled Accumulation de Collections et Transsculptures.
Also has exhibition Arman et l'art african, at Musee national des Arts d'Afrique et d'Oceanie in Paris, France; which ends in February of1997.


Gives a lecture at the Michelle Rosenfeld Gallery in January 1997.
Creates new accumulative sculptures entitled "Cascades" which will be exhibited at Sonnabend Galery in New York City in February of 1997.
He will also have two exhibitions of Interactives in 1997,
one at the Gallery RL Beaubourg, Paris, France and one at the Galerie Yeh, Seoul, Korea in May. Works simultaneaously on
Accumulations in Relation for exhibit projected for June1997 at the James Mayor Gallery, London, England.
Arman will have an exhibtion of works in concrete called
Hidden Treasures at Galerie Enrico Navarra, Paris France in June1997.
Also the Arman et l'art africain exhibition is now travelling from Marseille, Paris continuing on to Germany, New York, South Africa, and Dallas, Texas.


Travels to France for Retrospective at the Jeu de Paume in Paris, France...Continues to work on original drawings with the same technique, and applies same technique to drawings of Lenin for the exhibition Variations sur un Lenine at the Patrice Trigano Gallery...Shows works on paper to benefit L'Association des Amis, Geneva, Switzerland...Lectures at l'Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, Paris...a performance piece, entitled Hommage to Hypathia (slicing of books and place into a plexiglass container to benefit Amnesty International...Prepared a macquette (accumulation of bathtubs) for the "les Bassins mondiaux de l'eau" to be held in Valencia , Spain...Working on a project which will be the new logo for ADC New Millennium spear headed by UNESCO...Begins working on new Emersions and Landslides paintings...Working on project for an out door sculpture for the factory of the Société Degrenne as well as serving pieces for their tableware division...Preparations for an outdoor sculpture for the Ferrari car factory. Working on a new perfume bottle Mandala ;. Installs 3 large sculptures. "Prometheus", in Saarbruke, Germany, "Matricielle" in Vire, France, for the Guy Degrenne Co Distillerie Ideologique at the Rond-Point des Champs Elysées, Paris for Artcurial Exhibition Installation, "Fragmentation", John Gibson Gallery , NY, Exhibit Ceramics at the Garth Clark Gallery, NY.


Ceramic works at Garth Clark Gallery, New York. Drawings about Africa at Galerie Valérie Cueto, Paris. Retrospective shows in Israel and Brazil, gallery shows in Belgium and Sweden.


Arman, Museuo de Monterrey, Mexique
Arman: Racine carree de fragments, Galerie Daniel Templon, Paris, France
Arman, National Museum of History, Taipei, China
Arman: Anatomie del Tempo, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Arman: Fragmentations, Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois, Paris, France
Arman: Works on Paper, Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Germany
Arman: La Traversee des objects, Chateau de Ville Neuve, Vence, France


Arman, Fundacio “la Caixa”, Barcelona, Spain
Arman, Galerie Belmont, Films, Switzerland
Arman, Superpositions, Guy Pieters Gallery, Knokke-le-Zoute, Belgique, Belgium
Arman: Sandwich Combos, Marlborough Gallery, New York, USA
Arman: La Traversee des Objets, Venice, Italy
Arman, Vingt stations de l’objet , Couvent des Cordeliers, Paris, France
Arman: Vingt Stations de l’Objet, Antibes, France
Arman: Works on Paper, Vila Zanders Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany
Arman: La Traversee des Objets, Bocca Raton, Florida, USA
Arman: Des Cycles de la Vie, Galerie Anne Lettree, Luxembourg
Arman, Galeria De Arte Isabel Aninat, Santiago, Chile
Arman, Passage à l’acte, musée d’Art moderne et d’Art contemporain, Nice, France


Arman: Musique, Kunsthaus Grenchen, Grenchen, Switzerland
Arman: Africarmania, Arman et l’Afrique, Galerie Beaubourg, Vence, France
Arman: Dix Mots Pour, Sonia Zannettachi Gallery, Switzerland
Arman: Oeuvre Monumentale, Ville du Lavandou, Le Lavandou, France


Arman: A Survey: 1954 – 2002, Marlborough Gallery, New York, USA
Arman: Centomilacenerentole, Dante Vecchiato Galleria d’Arte, Padova, ITALY
Arman: Arman, Museum of Contemporary Art of Teheran, Teheran, IRAN


janvier (January)
    Marlborough Gallery, "Arman Pinturas" 14 janvier 7 février, Madrid Espagne. Marlborough Gallery, "Arman Pinturas"January 14 February 7, Madrid Spain.
Lancement du livre "Arman Inclusion", par Tita Reut, chez Cudemo. Launch of "Arman Inclusion", book by Tita Reut, Cudemo.
avril (April)
 Marlborough Gallery, "Arman Peintures" 15 avril 19 juin, Monaco Monaco. Marlborough Gallery, "Arman Peintures" April 15 June 19, Monaco Monaco.
juin (June)
Historial de la Grande Guerre, "Arman armé", 23 juin 12 décembre, Péronne, Somme, France. Historial de la Grande Guerre, "Arman armé", June 23rd December 12, Péronne, Somme, France.
    Théâtre de la Photographie et de l'Image, "Arman photographe", 26 juin 29 août, Nice France. Théâtre de la Photographie et de l'Image, "Arman photographe", June 26 August 29, Nice France.


October 22

Arman died in New York

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